Contributing to iTunes U (staff and students)

Staff contributions

Do you have existing resources that you’d like to share? Or ideas for resources you’d like to create? Then contact the University of South Wales iTunes U team or call us on 01443 483640 (ext 3640 on campus).

The starting point may vary from a Word document to a podcast, but finished resources published as a Podcast episode can be offered as a video, audio, pdf or ebook, and (if part of an iTunes U Course) as an interactive book.

Our interactive books are created in iBooks Author and published on the iBooks Store.

Working in collaboration with our experienced Blended Learning Services, Multimedia and Media Services teams, we can advise on the pedagogical and end-user perspectives, help you to shape your ideas, and help you to plan and produce your resources.

You may also have students who have produced excellent work which can be showcased in a Podcast — if so, contact the iTunes U team to discuss how we can help.

Further support information

There are many educational support resources from Apple which you make like to explore.

Student contributions

The main area for sharing student contributions in USW on Apple Podcasts is within our Student Showcase. We welcome contributions from all disciplines, and currently have content from animation students (video), drama students (audio), business students (audio and video of work experience/case studies). We can also carry PDFs and eBooks (with high-quality images).

Note: If you have work you would like to include in our Student Showcase, please discuss this with your tutor/award leader in the first instance as no student content is accepted without their approval.

Remember that you will need to have permission to include any third-party content (eg images, music, people’s voices or performances). Our iTunes U team can give you help and guidance on this.