USW Interactive Books

What is an interactive book?

It is a multi-touch book, which can be read on:

  • any iPad from iPad 2 onwards
  • iPhone or iPod Touch updated to iOS 8.4 (or later)
  • any Apple computer/laptop running the Mavericks (or later) operating system

How is it different from an ebook?

An interactive textbook is an entirely new kind of book that’s dynamic, engrossing and engages the reader directly with the content. It typically carries enriched media, such as videos, picture galleries and user-controlled images, which cannot be displayed in a standard ebook.

You can set bookmarks, add notes or highlight passages, and access dictionary definitions. You can also choose to have the page text read aloud to you.

Our interactive books are created using iBooks Author and are distributed on the iBooks Store where they can be downloaded FREE OF CHARGE.

If you would like to be notified of new publications, please e-mail the University of South Wales iTunes U team.

University of South Wales publications

Download your FREE copy:

Research Methods for Business Students, Managers and Entrepreneurs | English version

Dulliau Ymchwil ar gyfer Myfyrwyr Busnes, Rheolwyr ac Entreprenuriaid | Welsh version — NEWS FLASH: OFFICIAL LAUNCH at the National Eisteddfod, Monday 1 August, 2016 — 11am at stand 519-520 (Prifysgol De Cymru)

In development: Ystrad Stories by MA Arts Practice student Sharon Magill. This 'student showcase’ publication gathers original reminiscences and short stories by people local to the South Wales Valleys, inspired by works of Welsh artist Ernest Zobole who portrayed the Valleys during the 20th century.

Technical note: our interactive books can be downloaded and read on Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) or an Apple desktop/laptop computer running the Mavericks (or a later) operating system.

Research Methods | English version

Straightforward and comprehensive ★★★★★ This book is written with the student in focus and takes the reader through the logical steps of carrying out a research project. It is suitable for final year first degree and also some masters programmes. There is a convincing depth to the information supplied and the video and audio really help in getting concepts and ideas across. I would recommend it for its practical overview of a process students find difficult.” (iBooks Store customer review, Mar 2015)

Research Methods for Business Students, Managers and Entrepreneurs (Dr Ramadan Djebarni) is the first media-rich, interactive book on this subject in the world.

Published by the University of South Wales, Research Methods provides a foundation for research, both for academic study and for practical application in a business environment. It is distributed free on iBooks Store to 51 countries worldwide as a contribution to our ongoing commitment to open education resources.

In Research Methods, you’ll find video, audio and image gallery illustrations that bring key concepts and examples to life, while a detailed case study runs through the book, following the experiences of a (fictional) student through the stages of her research project. At selected points in the main text, a reflective activity is introduced to encourage you to consider or explore the aspect under discussion.

This book is equivalent to a full module of study at Masters’ Level, and is the result of collaboration between a wide range of academic and professional staff of the University of South Wales. The book’s video animations can also be downloaded from South Wales on iTunes U.

Dulliau Ymchwil | Welsh version

Cyhoeddwyd Dulliau Ymchwil ar gyfer Myfyrwyr Busnes, Rheolwyr ac Entreprenuriaid (Dr Ramadan Djebarni) gan Brifysgol De Cymru ac mae’n lyfr rhyngweithiol, aml-gyfrwng sy’n sail ar gyfer ymchwil academaidd ac ar gyfer defnydd ymarferol mewn amgylchedd busnes.

Mae fideo, sain a delweddau yn dod a’r cysyniadau allweddol yn fyw, tra bo astudiaeth achos manwl yn rhedeg drwy’r llyfr yn dilyn profiadau myfyriwr (dychmygol) i weld sut mae hi yn mynd ati i wynebu’r heriau a’r anghenion sy’n codi ar wahanol adegau yn ei phrosiect ymchwil. Mewn mannau penodol yn y prif destun cyflwynir gweithgaredd adfyfyriol i annog y darllenydd i ystyried neu edrych yn ddyfnach ar yr agwedd dan sylw.

Mae’r llyfr rhyngweithiol hwn yn cyfateb i fodiwl cyfan o astudio ar lefel Meistr (yn y DU) ac yn ganlyniad cydweithio rhwng ystod eang o staff academaidd a phroffesiynol ym Mhrifysgol De Cymru. Hefyd mae modd lawrlwytho’r animeiddiadau fideo o safle Prifysgol De Cymru ar iTunes U.

Mae’r fersiwn Gymraeg yma o’r llyfr yn ganlyniad cydweithio rhwng Prifysgol De Cymru a’r Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol.
This Welsh version of the book is the result of partnership working between the University of South Wales and the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol.