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Interactive Books

Our interactive books can be accessed on Apple iOS devices and any Apple computer/laptop running the Mavericks (or later) operating system, All our original media resources for the interactive book are also published in partner collections, which can be watched or downloaded on PC and Mac computers.

NEW: download from the iBooks Store! Vision to Viewer: Your idea from script to screen by Heledd Wyn

Getting an idea for a movie from conception to screen is a process that requires many different skillsets: creative, technical, interpersonal, organisational. Understanding these skillsets and how they, and the people who possess them, fit together is integral to creating a successful film.

Our free, Multi-touch iBooks Textbook, 'Vision to Viewer: your idea from script to screen’, written by Heledd Wyn (Course Leader Media Production Bilingual), is an excellent guide to all aspects film-making, including story development, screenwriting, direction, filming, editing, producing and distribution. The reader is taken logically and sequentially through the film-making process, and introduced to the skills required for a successful film.

'Vision to Viewer: your idea from script to screen’ is an English translation of the Cadarn award winning Welsh language paperback publication Syniad i’r Sgrîn that was released in 2016. This multi-touch book includes video interviews with industry figures giving advice on various aspects of the process of film-making and clips of short films by USW students.

This book is aimed at anyone with an interest in creating short films or movies. However, there is plenty here to interest anyone with a general interest in film who is curious about how their favourite films are produced.

Ystrad Stories

This anthology of short stories inspired by the paintings of Ernest Zobole is a 'student showcase’ publication compiled by MA Arts Practice graduate Sharon Magill.

Ystrad Stories is a community storytelling project connecting the paintings of local artist Ernest Zobole with the lives and experiences of the Rhondda Valley community. Working with residents of the Rhondda, and the village of Ystrad in particular, the project used the works of Zobole to prompt memories and experiences of the valley and to explore storytelling as a response.gathers original reminiscences and short stories by people local to the South Wales Valleys, inspired by works of Welsh artist Ernest Zobole who portrayed the Valleys during the 20th century.

Research Methods

This interactive book is equivalent to a full module of study at Masters Level (UK) and is the result of collaboration between a wide range of academic and professional staff of the University of South Wales. It is the first media-rich, Multi-Touch interactive book on this subject in the world. The media resources are also available in a partner collection (for PC and Mac): Research Methods.


Make It Happen: The University of South Wales celebrates International Women’s Day 2015

Study Skills for Higher Education

In our Study Skills for Higher Education series, created in collaboration with the USW Student Development & Study Skills Service, we will be publishing ebooks throughout 2017, including:

  • Exams — AVAILABLE NOW!
  • Writing Academic Assignments (essays, reports and more) — AVAILABLE NOW!
  • Presentations — AVAILABLE NOW!
  • Dissertations and Literature Reviews
  • Reflective Writing
  • Academic Writing Skills

Download links are on our eBooks page for iPads, iPhones, iPod Touch, Kindle and other ebook readers

iTunes U Courses

Our iTunes U courses do not carry any formal qualifications, nor credits towards formal qualifications.

iTunes U Courses can be accessed in full via the iTunes App on Apple iOS devices. All our original media resources for the Courses are also published in the partner collections, and can be watched or downloaded on PC and Mac computers.

Basics of Computer Programming, with Raspberry Pi

This free course has been designed to introduce you to the basics of computer programming, and getting started with Raspberry Pi. Also a taster course for all Computing Awards.
Partner collection (for PC and Mac): Basics of Computer Programming.

Introduction to Global Governance

A free, open course, which has been designed to give you an understanding of global and local approaches to global challenges, including human rights, labour rights, environmental degradation and anti-corruption. Also a taster course for the MSc Global Governance.
Partner collections (for PC and Mac): Global Governance and Talking Points: Public and Guest Lectures.

USW on Apple Podcasts

All our podcasts on Apple Podcasts can be watched or downloaded on PC and Mac computers using iTunes. On Apple iOS devices you can find them in the Podcasts app.

Arts & Creative Industries

Visual Culture of South Wales since 1910

The University’s Art Collection and exhibitions at the 'Oriel y Bont’ gallery, Treforest

Murder, Mystery & Mayhem!

A re-creation of live radio drama, from staff and students, School of Music & Drama

Terror Tales from Wales for Halloween

Dramatised selections of traditional stories, from staff and students, School of Music & Drama

Music Composition & Production

Music and compositional analysis of original work by staff of our School of Music & Drama

Music Technology: Audient ASP8024

Key areas of the Audient ASP8024 professional music system


Videos from the School of Art & Design, including how to load a 35mm camera

Film Production

Fictional Case Studies demonstrating various stages of film production

Student Showcase: Drama

Written and performed by students of the School of Music & Drama

Student Showcase: Computer Animation

Work from students, past and present, of the Animation department in the School of Media

Student Showcase: Traditional Animation

Work from students, past and present, of the Animation department in the School of Media

Student Showcase: Photojournalism

Work from students, past and present, of the BA (Hons) Photojournalism award.


Business & Management Case Studies

Fictional case studies which can be used as teaching and learning resources

Business Studies, Management & Entrepreneurship

Resources to support the study of business and management, accounting and finance, and entrepreneurship

Welsh Transport Logistics

Videos presented by Professor Stuart Cole for use with logistics studies

Workplace Behaviours

A series of podcasts on workplace bullying

Engineering & Computing

Basics of Computer Programming

Videos and animations to introduce you to some of the founding principles of computer programming

Communication Systems

Animated examples of how computers communicate and share information


Talks from the Welsh Fraud Forum

Management Techniques for Health & Safety Professionals

Management techniques for use by health and safety professionals

Software Alliance Wales Business Workshops

A taster into business-related technology areas


Dialogues for French Learners: Beginners’ Level

Dialogues to help you to practise and consolidate French language skills

Dialogues for German Learners: Beginners’ Level

Dialogues to help you to practise and consolidate German language skills

Dialogues for Italian Learners: Beginners’ Level

Dialogues to help you to practise and consolidate Italian language skills

Dialogues for Spanish Learners: Beginners’ Level”

Dialogues to help you to practise and consolidate Spanish language skills

Dialogues for Welsh Learners: Entry Level

A series of Welsh beginners’ podcasts

Vocabulary for Welsh Learners: Entry Level

'Flash card’ videos for Welsh beginners

Law & Politics


An overview of court structure

Religion & Spirituality

Christmas Lectures

Seasonal lectures from University academics

Science & Medicine

Life Sciences: Sport & Professional Practice

Sam Warburton talks about background teams that support today’s top professional players

The Family Institute

Videos from the Family Institute

Clinical Skills for Student Child Health Nurses

Videos capturing common nursing procedures

Student Showcase: Sports Studies

Our students assist in the Blues’ R&D for player performance monitoring and analysis

Our Amazing Universe

Videos, lectures and first-class animations about the solar system

Society & Culture

International Women’s Day

An annual celebration of International Women’s Day

Talking Points: Public and Guest Lectures

Guest lectures on a wide range of subjects

Social Policy

Global Governance

Resources supporting our iTunes U course: Introduction to Global Governance

Teaching & Learning

Good Practice in Teaching & Learning

Resources from the USW Learning & Teaching Conference 2016, plus a case study on Flipping the Classroom

Research Methods

Animations explaining a variety of techniques relating to research methods, interviewing and data collection/analysis. These resources are also used in our interactive book Research Methods for Business Students, Managers and Entrepreneurs

Short Talks for Busy Lives

If you don’t have much time, dip into our Short Talks on a range of subjects

Study Skills

Resources on brushing up your study skills

At the University: Living and Studying

About the University of South Wales

Videos about the University, including our location and a message from Vice Chancellor Julie Lydon

About the Students’ Union

Videos from the Students Union

Careers & Employability

Practical advice on job searching and work placement, from our Careers & Employability Service